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Actor & Producer

I have been a performer my whole life! It’s definitely NOT my first day at the rodeo! I've spent over a decade honing my crafts on stage in front of audiences or in front of the camera.   I’m what you would consider the girl next door with a secret. Sophisticated and sweet suburban mom by day, but a whiskey voiced songstress that can hypnotize any crowded bar by night. Fearless and able to match even the wittiest opponent in a banter war, I have a very broad range.  I can play the loving mom, the hard nosed cop, domineering wife, the shrewd business professional, loyal best friend/assistant or that quirky, maybe even snarky neighbor!   


Some of my strengths are: being professional, taking direction well, I am a highly empathetic person which assists me immensely in character development, crying on cue, being a source of positivity, having a collaborative spirit, resoursefulness, and being willing to do whatever it takes to bring the characters to life.



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The I Group Model & Talent Management

Tony DiMambro

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Productions Plus- The Talent Shop

Olga Denysenko

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PCG Talent

Peter Condonpoulos

10948 Reading Road Ste 312

Sharonville, OH 45241

T: (513) 262 0404

T: (513) 550-1577


Ambassador Talent

Susan Sherman

333 N Michigan Ave # 910,

Chicago, IL 60601

T: (312) 641-3491

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